The word “PRATHAM” is derived from a Sanskrit word “PRATHAMAM”, which means the “FIRST” and also the “BEST” – and eventually the “LEADER”. 

PRATHAM GROUP, though young, is a dynamic group of professionals par excellence which is characterized by a combination of knowledge and expertise, having vast experience in diversified sectors.  

We strongly believe that – 

“Dreams give rise to Hope …….. Hope inspires Efforts ……. Efforts result in Success” 

Everything that comes from within, transforms invisible internal to visible external. The dreams, the passions, the thoughts – have to transform themselves into external visible manifestations. There are things that you currently don’t have and when you attain them, you are happy and contented.

That is the very reason, why Pratham Group is committed to fulfill one of the basic and fundamental requirements of every human being - Housing. 

The Group has also drawn up ambitious growth plans in diverse sectors such as Real estate, Infrastructure, IT, Hospitality, Education and Health, to be implemented in the near future.

Let us come together to create a happy and healthy community living  ………..